It really works – started with 500mg and after a few months loved it so much I increased to 1000mg to maximize the benefits. I take it daily to help alleviate the pressures of daily life. It really helps me unwind at the end of a busy day and just chill without any side effects


My friend suggested I try Cb Botanica oils - I was very skeptical as I know there are a ton of fake products out there, but since it was recommended I figured I would give it a shot. I suffer from anxiety and really wanted to get off prescription medicine. After a few days of taking the oil at night, I was feeling much more calm and it seemed to set my mind at ease. It even helped me sleep better vs. my mind racing and keeping me up at night. I’m now a believer!


CBD has been a tremendous help in me getting some control over my anxiety and depression.


Some of my family and friends do not know this.. but I get EXTREME headaches due to past health issues and my occupation doesn't help at all. I discovered CBD a while ago after realizing I was damaging my liver by taking between 16-20 OTC pain pills on a daily basis. CBD changed my life! I haven't had issues with my headaches.. CB Botanica pricing is affordable and product is amazing! I stand by their products and recommend them to everyone. They have different types of products (lotions... oils.. etc).


I’m a Cb Botanica repeat customer as I have tried many hemp oils in the past but haven’t always experienced the same benefits as I do now. They have a high quality product which is extremely important to trust what I am ingesting into my body. I, like many others, have high stress levels and also suffer from high blood pressure. After learning about the many side effects of taking blood pressure medicine, I was looking for a holistic solution. I’m a bigger guy and I take 1000mg twice a day. I swear I can almost feel the stress of the day disappear. It helps me feel mellow and keeps my blood pressure under control. I definitely recommend Cb Botanica to all – even got my parents to use it for their arthritis and blood pressure!



I started giving my dog CBD oil for general daily wellness. I have noticed a big difference in his overall mood and happiness. He loves it so I give him two drops a day.


Used Cb Botanica's CBD for Pets on Lil' Daizy and she's not afraid of loud noises anymore and is a lot more relaxed. Thank you Cb Botanica, you changed our lives!


Highly recommend Cb Botanica if your Cat has anxiety. Mine took CBD and is not afraid of others anymore and now enjoys sitting on laps of guests.



Have to try! Had a lot of sore muscles all around my back, shoulders, and neck. I applied the lotion on the areas and felt it work right away. By the next day all of my pain went away. Now I keep at least 1 bottle around all the time in case the stiff neck or achy muscles come back.


I highly recommend Cb Botanica's topical lotion. I chose this product as they had one of the stronger ones at 750mg and included Menthol. I used the topical with the muscle spasms and restless legs. Has been hurting for years and effecting my sleep. But since using this product I'm able to sleep better now without waking up in the middle of the night in pain.
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