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Press Release – 10/15/2020 – How To Win With Wholesale CBD on Alibaba

Excerpt: – Interested in how to win on Alibaba selling hemp B2B? This article offers insights into what it takes to compete successfully on the world’s greatest online tradeshow. (PR Newswire)

Press Release – 1/21/2020 – CBD for Pain Management: The Holistic Alternative to Opioids

Excerpt:  If you or someone you know are taking opioids for chronic pain, chances are you’ve tried other drugs and feel you have no alternatives left. You worry about becoming addicted, but you aren’t sure what else to try. People like you are turning to Cannabidiol (CBD), a holistic alternative to opioids.

While opioids are known to be highly addictive, researchers say CBD is a non-addictive solution to pain management.

Press Release – 11/19/2019 – Buyers Beware

Excerpt: Shopper’s Guide to Buying CBD

Interest in CBD products for pain, stress and sleep and is growing rapidly, but lack of regulations and a proliferation of new companies and products have led to consumer confusion. Which are the quality products? Which are the counterfeit products? Which are the effective ones? Which are a waste of money? Broad spectrum or CBD isolate? Hemp seed oil or full hemp plant oil?

This Shopper’s Guide from Cb Botanica clarifies the terms and explains what to look for to determine which CBD products contain the highest quality ingredients, the most effective potency and the fewest contaminants (e.g., pesticides).

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