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Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is one of over 60+ naturally-occurring cannabinoid compounds found in Cannabis, which is an herbal flowering plant. The plant secretes organic substances, from which the CBD oil is derived. Although marijuana and hemp are both forms of cannabis, when you hear the term “cannabis” it does not mean marijuana. Think of Cannabis as a general term for all forms of hemp and marijuana.

CBD works by interacting with your body’s endocannabinoid system, which is a grouping of millions of cannabinoid receptors found throughout your body. While most of these receptors are located in the brain and central nervous system, they can be found in almost every organ in your body. We also produce cannabinoids naturally. The receptors help us relieve stress, provide immune response, and regulate our body’s overall state of balance. This can have an impact on appetite, sleep habits, overall mood, and pain tolerance.

Yes. CBD oil obtained from hemp is legal. In 2018, the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (The Farm Bill), made hemp legal as it has less than <0.3% THC. 

No. You will not get high from CBD oil. CBD is one of the two most prominent cannabinoids in the Cannabis plant, the other one being THC. Each of these are naturally occurring in the plant, and can be found in higher or lower concentrations, depending on the part of the plant we refer to. Our Full Spectrum products only contain trace amounts of THC (0.3% or less)

We do not make medical claims with our CBD oil since we produce and market it to be a dietary supplement. It’s a good idea to conduct individual research on CBD oil to be well informed. There are several trustworthy websites that provide information on the effects and benefits of cannabidiol through research studies. Our CBD products are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease although it is quite possible those suffering from any one or more of a variety of ailments could see benefits from taking CBD. Read more at www.projectcbd.org.

CBD is extracted from the stalks, stems, and flowers but not the seeds of the cannabis sativa plant. Any product made from only hemp seed oil (sometimes called cannabis sativa seed oil) will not contain CBD. We use clean, cold extraction methods to secure the purest form of hemp.

The result of using the cannabis plant in its entirety, rather than isolating certain compounds from the plant (such as CBD). When using the entire plant, you will reap the benefits of the full spectrum of therapeutic compounds from cannabis with this synergistic effect.

As with any dietary supplement, your body will tolerate CBD oil individually, so we can’t say there will never be any side effects. However, hemp is considered generally safe, and we are not aware of any significant side effects. As with any supplement, we recommend consulting your physician before using any dietary supplement, including our CBD oil.

We recommend consulting your physician before beginning taking any form of CBD. Although CBD is generally considered safe, there is a chance it may lower your blood pressure. CBD can also interfere with your body’s ability to process certain prescription medications. Both CBD and grapefruits inhibit cytochrome p450, so please check with your doctor if you are currently taking medication that comes with a warning not to consume with grapefruit.
Our full-spectrum tinctures are made with 70%+ pure, full-spectrum CBD distillate, which is derived from organically-cultivated, American-grown hemp. The full-spectrum tinctures not only contain CBD but also contain some terpenes, and other cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, and trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3%). Full-spectrum products are more effective because the multiple cannabinoids and terpenes work together synergistically in what is recognized as the “entourage effect”. Look for a brands potency and quality testing from a 3rd party lab If your current CBD brand is derived from hemp seed only, it will likely be less effective than full spectrum Cb Botanica products.

Prior to year 2015, it was believed that CBD isolate was more potent and concentrated. In 2015, this theory was disproven by a study conducted on mice by the Lautenberg Center for General Tumor Immunology in Jerusalem.

Results: When exposed to both types of CBD, full-spectrum CBD demonstrated higher levels of relief. The study also demonstrated full-spectrum CBD continued to provide relief as the dosage was increased, vs. CBD isolate which did not. Check out the full study HERE.


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